• Anhembi Park, São Paulo
    September 1974

    Magazine Viver Bahia, 1974 special

    This is the first special issue. For the Bahia Fair.


    In the Conventions Palace in the Anhembir Park in São Paulo, from 21 (Saturday) to 29 (Sunday) in September the most recent cultural, artistic and industrial [fair] of Bahia.

    Information by M Carcará

    «In 1976 [1974] mestre Gato was invited by Bahiatursa for the first time to São Paulo to present capoeira, maculelê and samba de roda. Carcará went with him, together with a group of other students. They got to know M Suassuna, M Paulo Limão and M Miguel Machado.

    This photo we made when we were going shopping. We stayed lodged there for a week.»

    M Carcará

    PS Velhosmestres.com: in all honesty we haven't seen earlier materials of M Gato Preto in São Paulo. In  1974  he said: «My students who went to São Paulo have come here [back to Bahia] to invite me there.»


      Photos of M Gato's group

      Photos of M Gato's group
      Read below!

    • Xarão,
      Raimundo Jegue,
      Zeca (M Gato Preto's son),
      Pé de Chumbo?,
      Pacaembu Park, SP
      Photo by M Gato Preto
      Collection: M Carcará

    M Gato Preto em São Paulo, 1974

    Viver Bahia n 15
    December 1974

    • text


      Out of the great mestres only Gato is keeping himself active teaching and doing exhibitions, one of these having been the "Bahia Fair" that the Bahiatursa promoted recently in São Paulo. There capoeira is being taught with great receptivity by a student of Mestre Gato. Despite this he is not thinking of leaving Bahia where he lives in the blessing of Senhor do Bonfim.



      Capoeira is played according to the rhythm directed by the berimbau. The berimbau modulates the game. For this Mestre Gato's pride is the title of "Golden Berimbau" that he got in a festival [in 1970] of bahian folklore. And he shows up even by himselg playing the melodies that govern his students. Capoeira is also accompanied by songs that have short verses and a live rhythm. Determined by the berimbau. Rhythm.

      São Bento Pequeno - makes the fight played light looking close to samba.

      São Bento Grande - fast game, quite ample and lively.

      Banguela - lively moves and knife strikes being made.

      Ave Maria is the hymn of capoeira.

      Amazonas - medium game.

      Iuna - game with leg sweeps.

      Cavalaria - rhythm to warn the coming of strangers.

      Santa Maria - low game with advances and withdraws where the players roll and fall to the ground almost inarticulate.

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