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    Diário de Notícias, Porto Alegre

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      With his academy on Rua da Palmeira, 7. in Engenho Velho de Brota, Mestre Gato (one of the most famous) maintains his unshaking faith in the valorization of capoeira. Capoeira is evolving, but here in Bahia it does not encounter support. In S. Paulo we feel the valorization of the art. The Government gives conditions and there are appropriate places to teach. I know 18 States where capoeira is practised, from Sergipe to Rio Grande do Sul, and capoeira is really less valorized in Bahia, where it was born. If I had to go away, I would go to São Paulo. I would go as a master of construction, which is my profession, to have also my academy, of master of capoeira. I wouldn't ever go as Mestre Bimba, who went to Goiânia as an employee.

      Mestre Gato is the holder, also, of "Berimbau de Ouro", which he won in a Festival in Bahia. He is up-to-date with the movement of capoeiristas in Brazil and in the World. "My students that went to São Paulo have come to invite me. One of them, who lived here selling lime to survive the hunger, came here to show his new car. The latest model. Another who went to France is pontificating there, with many students. And living very well."

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