•  Started to learn capoeira with his father Eutíquio Lúcio Góes and his uncle João Catarino 

    «I started 8 years old with my father, Eutíquio Lúcio Góes. He was my master. At 12 years old they thought I had nothing more to learn. The trainings were in a closed quarter. He atacked me with a stick or a machete, so that I would defend myself. When I made a mistake, he slapped my wrist. Until the day I gave him a strong headbutt and he fell. When he rose up, he started to chase me, threatening to cut me and yelling: "Come here, boy!" And so he stopped to teach me. Later came my uncle, João Catarino, Besouro's student, until he died of hemorrhage, that we used to call congestion.»

    M Gato Preto in interview to Spock, 1999

    «My father lived in Trapiche do Baixo»

    M Gato Preto in interview to M Dorado, ~1999

    Trapiche de Baixo, Santo Amaro

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