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    Vivaldo Rodrigues Conceição
     Mestre Boa Gente 

    The ABC

    1945 - Was born on the 17th May in Ibicarai, Bahia.

    1956 - Started learning capoeira with M Antônio Cabeceiro (M Pastinha's student) in Ilhéus.

    1960 - In Salvador started learning capoeira with M Gato Preto at the Escola Baiana de Capoeira Angola in Mirante do Calabar (see below!).

    1963 - Appears on the photos at the Escola Baiana de Capoeira Angola taken by H. Rautavaara.

    1970 - Stopped training with M Gato.

    1972 - Together with professor Lee founded the Associação de Tae kwon-do da Bahia and continued to train there.

    1974 - From the Leopardo Negro Valdemar Santana's school got to the MMA champion title of Bahia.

    1981 - Founded the Associação de Capoeira Mestre Boa Gente and from then on taught in various places such as Vale das Pedrinhas, Nordeste de Amaralina, Santa Cruz and at the College of São Paulo of Bahia.

    1987 - Appears on the photos of the I Batismo de Capoeira Ajagunã de Palmares on the Ilha de Santa Catarina.

    1993 - Taught Mark Dacascos for the Only the Strong movie.

    2000 - Together with M Gato Preto and other masters participated at Brazil's 500 years celebrations in Pôrto Seguro.



    • M Boa Gente

    • Sitting:
      Gato Góes (berimbau to the right),
      Boa Gente (pandeiro)
      Playing: ? and M Gato
      Mirante do Calabar (today Jardim Apipema), Mrs Pompilha's school
      Collection: M Dorado

    • M Amen Santos, M Boa Gente and Mark Dacascos
      Collection: M Boa Gente

    • M Boa Gente

    • M Boa Gente

    • M Boa Gente, M Acordeon, M Lobão
      Photo: Jennifer Wright

    • M Gildo Alfinete, M Leopoldina, M Boa Gente

    • Young M Boa Gente
      Collection: M Boa Gente

    • M Gato Preto and M Boa Gente
      Pôrto Seguro, 2000
      Collection: M Boa Gente

    • M Boa Gente and M Caiçara

    • M Boa Gente and Michael Palin

    M Boa Gente

    M Boa Gente and M Brasília

    M Boa Gente

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