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    Maurício Lemos de Carvalho

     Mestre Vermelho de Pastinha  
    9/Mar/1946 - 30/Mar/2022

    In his words:

    «I am of those who says: capoeira is capoeira! Regional is one version. It has the same value, but I am angoleiro. We can say that these are two ways to play capoeira, but these are also two cultures. Angoleiro thinks a little differently than regional. Regional emphasizes more like a fight and the angoleiro the universe. Angoleiro is an angoleiro in the way he walks, the way he cuts a corner and dresses himself, regional then again is more free, it's more for students. The two are very important and mix. After some time there will be talk of CAPOEIRA only.»

    The ABC of M Vermelho de Pastinha

    1946 - Wad born on 9th March in Itiúba, Bahia, son of João and Ligia.

    1964 - Moved to Salvador and on the 10th March entered in M Pastinha's school staying until 1970.

    1970 - Got the second place in a competition called Golden Berimbau in Balbininho, Forte Nova. He only lost to M Gato Preto. The third was M Canjiquinha.

    1971 - Founded Grupo Folclórico Afonjá.

    1976 - The group became Grupo Folclórico Bahiatotal.

    1985 - Participated in one of the recordings of Capoeira em Cena (see below).

    1986 - His group became Grupo Moenda, when the mestre bought the Moenda Turismo Ltda in Boca do Rio.

    2022 - Died on 30th March.

    M Vermelho de Pastinha about berimbau, 1985 (at 2:47)

    M Vermelho de Pastinha, 1985

    Photo gallery

    • With backs:
      M Pastinha,
      M Noronha,
      D. Nice (M Pastinha's wife)
      At the table:
      M Vermelho de Pastinha (in a red square),
      M Xaréu,
      M Itapoan
      The meeting of Associação Baiana de Capoeira
      M Noronha's book

    • Standing:
      M Pastinha,
      M João Grande,
      M Vermelho de Pastinha (red square)
      M Gildo Alfinete (with glasses),
      Genésio Meio Quilo,
      Gil Rui,
      Roberto Satanás
      M Pastinha's academy
      The 60-s
      M Gildo Alfinete's collection

    • Edva Maria Gomes Barreto de Carvalho (mestre's wife) and M Vermelho de Pastinha
      Ana Maria Carapiá's collection

    • M Vermelho de Pastinha and M Angola
      Ana Maria Carapiá's collection

    • M Vermelho de Pastinha, M Nô e M Nozinho
      M Nozinho's collection

    • M Vermelho de Pastinha
      Katita Lopes's collection

    M Vermelho de Pastinha

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