Our page is celebrating its first anniversary!
    In the first year we published 6 news, 12 blog updates, 16 mini-ABC-s of Old Masters and 173 posts about the ABC-s of the 5 Old Masters that we had chosen for the page.
    Everything was translated into English - this makes 346 posts!

    Velhos Mestres 1

    The posts that you liked the most

    M Pastinha: «Peculiarities of Bahia charmed Sartre and Simone», 1960

    M Pastinha, 1960

    M Besouro: «Besouro incited soldiers to attack the civil police in a police station», 1918

    M Besouro, 1918

    M Cobrinha Verde: «M Gato Preto speaking about M Cobrinha Verde», 1999

    M Cobrinha Verde

    M Waldemar: M Waldemar's interview to Helinä Rautavaara, 1964

    M Waldemar, 1964

    M Gato Preto: M Gato Preto's interview and sound to Helinä Rautavaara, 1963

    M Gato Preto, 1963

    Fun fact

    The logo of Velhos Mestres is inspired by the cap used by M Cobrinha Verde on the famous photo of 1982, on which words CARGA PESADA (Heavy Weight) are written.
    Carga Pesada was «the title of a Rede Globo TV series between 1979 and 1981 that told the adventures of a truckers duo on the road, Pedro and Bino».

    Carga Pesada

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