•  Besouro spent a night in Maracangalha 


    The manager, reading the letter, told to Besouro to wait a reponse the next day. Besouro spent the night in a brothel and the next day went to get the response.


    The farmer [Dr Zeca] had a friend who was the manager of the Maracangalha Mill, named Baltazar. So they sent a letter to Baltazar, with Besouro himself, asking for the manager to finish Besouro off there. Baltazar received the letter, read it, and told Besouro to wait for the answer until the next day. Besouro spent the night at a prostitute's house; the next day he went to receive the reponse.

    Rafael Alves França (Cobrinha Verde), Centro Esportivo de Capoeira Angola 2 de Julho, pages 6-8, 1963 in Rego, 1968

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