•  Besouro stabbed 

    The Cinco Rios Mill in Maracangalha. Photo by Mario Agnelo Barreto, 2014

    So on the next day, when he went to receive an "answer", Besouro had been surrounded by more than 40 soldiers. And then a man known as Esébio de Quibaca - the addressee of the note - stabbed him to death. When he arrived he was surrounded by 40 men who shot at him, but the bullets didn't do anything to him, but a man wounded him from back with a knife made of tucum-tree (wood with the resistance of iron, some said it has magic powers).


    [Besouro] received from one of his agressors, in Maracangalha on Sunday, the 5th*, a mortal stab in the stomach, operated carefully by the famous and competent doctor Dr. Virgilio Diniz Senna. Strong guy, very brave, was quite weak, stomach inside out, already with stench(?), having lost all of his blood due to the delay with his transport (more than 48 hours) to the city that should have happened directly by train the same day.

    * Sunday was the 6th

    O Combate, 12th July

    Besouro's last journey (blue)

    The black line is the "troly" (train) line, now not used anymore. This was the fastest way from Maracangalha to Santo Amaro, however Besouro was not taken to Santa Casa (Hospital) of Santa Amaro by this way.

    The blue line goes by land and sea. This is the slowest way from Maracangalha to Santo Amaro by which Besouro was taken to Santa Casa of Santo Amaro. The trip took more than 2 days.

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