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      Jurisdiction of Santo Amaro


      To Court = from Caetano José Diogo's side. A.

      Manoel Henrique, popularly known as "Bezouro". Defendant.

      Registrar of Civil and Criminal Deeds

      Year one thousand nine hundred and twenty two of the month of February of this year in this Loyla City of Santo Amaro and my registry office, I sued a petition of accusation with ruling and police inquiry, attached, that further on follows: of which, to state, made this term. I, Manoel Teixeira de Freitas, registrar, who wrote it.

      Honourable Court Judge

      The Public Prosecutor of this Jurisdiction who below signs, using his rights and signing the police inquiry, brings to Y. Exc. accusation against Manoel Henrique, commonly known as "Besouro", brazilian, employed in the Santo Antônio do Rio Fundo Mill, where he stays, by the criminal fact the following:

      On 31st December of 1921, on the grounds of Santo Antônio do Rio Fundo Mill, in the district with the same name, the accused after an exchange of words with Antônio [Caetano] José Diogo, who was passing by on the road, attacks him, armed with a machete, causing him serious wounds described in the body of the offence document, which resulted in the amputation of the little finger of his right hand.

      In this manner, having the accused practised the crime prescribed in Art. 304 of the Penal Code, the Prosecution presents this accusation to be, jury provided, the same be punished with the punishment of the referred article.

      So, Y. Exc. to proceed to all the terms for the formation of guilt, inquiring the witness accounts listed on the day and hour when they were designated with the knowledge of this Prosecution and making the necessary summons:

      Witnesses Residency
      José Maria da Paixão Engenho Novo
      Francisco Alves Soares Rio Fundo
      Pedro Antonio Pereira Rio Fundo
      Antônio Joaquim de Oliveira Rio Fundo
      Francisco Florêncio da Silva Rio Fundo


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